Boston Globe calls for Redskins to change name

Ok, I’ve officially had enough of this. I don’t give a rats ass what the boston globe thinks about my football teams name. Can’t you people up their just be happy your baseball team just won the WS and your football team will PROBABLY go to the SB this year? Just continue to show how spoiled and ungrateful you are by putting your nose into OUR business while you have all that reason for celebration and we’ll show you numerous fan bases who would damn near KILL (ha, kinda funny) to have our teams win at that clip … And we’ll stay offended by you for doing so. So now, we’re all offended. Are you happy now? And PFT… Are you fn kidding me? You basically look like a whiny little kid tattle tailing every time you report this. Stop and think for a second… If you care about your image. Bc you’re ruining it by these reports pushing your own personal ideals. That is all…..